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You get what you pay for.....

or so you should!

When I think of designer or high pay-point fashion I expect the very best, as I am sure all of us do. Therefore, what is the difference between high-end & couture and high prices at the bottom end of the market?

Whilst there is nothing wrong at all with headwear that is at the affordable end of the market, one really should get what one is paying for if spending that hard earned dollar! I was truly horrified recently when a girlfriend of mine offered me a fascinator that she had bought and never worn. She had paid £200 for it and I was excited to see it.

On opening the box I was shocked and upset for her. Not only did the design not match up to the price tag but the workmanship was so poor I was astounded. The *Sinamay base was noticeably sun scorched on the underside, the main design structure of the piece was showing signs of damage as a result of making process, the piece was edged with a cheap bias binding not used in millinery and the stitching, well, this was the 'pièce de résistance' (said very much with tongue in cheek). I have never seen stitching that was so poor in my life, even a child caught stitch better. To top it all the overall piece was dirty.

With this in mind, I thought I share my top tips on what to look for and what to expect when buying a hat or headpiece for that special occasion, whether its affordable fashion or high end couture.

  1. A hat should look like it has been blown together by the wind.

  2. It should sit lightly on head.

  3. The hat should have design balance.

  4. Stitching should be invisible & where this can not be achieved it should be neat and small.

  5. Everything should be sewn. Nothing should be glued.

Pink & yellow startburst button hat.

So, when you are purchasing that special piece, whatever the occasion, make sure you are paying accordingly & don't get ripped of by anyone.

As for my beautiful friend, I'm going to ensure she is only ever adorned in one of my hats in future!

Rachael x

NB *Sinamay is a straw based material used in hats & millinery.

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