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Rachael started her millinery journey in 2019 after training in Toulouse with Master Milliner Tracy Chaplin. She then continued learning her skill throughout 2020/2021 with the Katherine Elizabeth Millinery & Business Academy and to date  continues to train and practice the many different specialist techniques used in millinery and design.

Rachael Clunie

Award winning milliner Rachael Clunie in her studio

With a huge passion for ‘hattery’ Rachael's work sees designs in classic & contemporary styled hand-made hats, as well as more ‘off the wall’ and whimsical designs. She has a love of pushing boundaries and working with unusual materials including locally sourced seaweed and beach litter, recycled household plastics to name a few. The Rachael Clunie Millinery label was launched in 2020 with each piece designed a one-off. The label sees bi-annual seasonal design collections and regular private commissions.


In 2021 Rachael was awarded a scholarship from The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, a charity supporting excellence in British craftsmanship. This prestigious award has provided many opportunities including training with Cockpit Arts and The Design Trust.
Rachael also won the Prestige Awards Bespoke Clothing Brand of Year 2022/2023.

In 2022 Rachael was invited to exhibit with John Lewis at their flagship store in Oxford Street during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II. Rachael is also making her mark within the equestrian world after exhibiting at The Royal Windsor Horse Show (2022 and 2023)  which has opened up opportunities to design for clients who are competing in dressage to compliment competition costumes.

Rachael works from her studio in Hove and offers either in person or online consultations. 

Milliner Rachael Clunie with her seaweed designs
Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust
Member od the British Millinery Association
Rachael Clunie Millinery: About
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