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Our Queen, The Queen of Hats


Throughout her reign HRH Queen Elizabeth II has been seen in the most wonderful and stylish ensembles complete, of course, with the most fabulous hats. Her vast years as our serving monarch has seen her wearing more hats than any other woman, as well as fashion trends dating from the 1940's right through to present day.


More recently, some of the Queen's most iconic looks have been designed and styled by British designer, Angela Kelly, whose official title is 'Personal Advisor to Her Majesty (The Queens Wardrobe)'. These iconic outfits include the lovely pale yellow ensemble that was worn at the wedding of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge in 2011, as well as the beautiful mint green ensemble worn on her 2012 Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning queen on the 9th September 2015, surpassing her Grandmother, Queen Victoria. As the years pass, she keeps blossoming with her beautiful, colour filled style and it becomes apparent she's not afraid to make a statement with her headwear.

Milliners around the world would love to have the honour of designing for the 'Queen of Hats' and whilst there is not just one milliner who has had this honour, in 2006, British milliner, Rachel Trevor-Morgan, was invited to create six sketches for review by Her Majesty. It was on the Queens 80th birthday that Rachel's first design piece was worn by the Queen. In 2014 Rachel was granted a Royal Warrant and has, to date, continued creating the most wonderful crowning glory's for her majesty.

There is nothing that looks more wonderful than an outfit with a hat, and from the yellows to purples and blues to lime greens, one thing that you can be sure of is that the Queen's hats are sure to be vibrant and beautiful and she looks truly magnificent in each and every one.

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