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Milliners Adapt With The Times

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

The Summer of 2020 has been a rather unusual time. With race events cancelled and weddings being mostly postponed, the hat industry has seen a massive decline in orders and sales, like so many other industries. Whilst it may seem an uncertain period for many, it has been a positive time for designing and creating in the hat world. Milliners have found time to nurture  their creative buzz, free from the hustle and bustle of what is normally an incredibly busy time of year, giving space to think about new and exciting future trends, as well as adapting how to work with clients during these times.

How will PPE effect future  fashion?

PPE inspired fashion is soon to become a thing of the present, whether it is the face masks we wear or extended to other fashion items that we adorn. As COVID-19 looks to be with us for some time we look into the possibility that future fashion will step straight from the runways of fashion houses to forthcoming racing and social events complete with a personal protection edge. So, will couture hats be replacing their vintage veiling with face visors to be the next massive fashion trend? Will milliners race to create elegant couture hats with inbuilt or even removable face shields? Only time will tell, as fashion houses and millinery designers prepare their 2021 collections and race towards creating the new 'talked about' hat of 2021!

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