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Choosing a hat that's right for you

Choosing the right hat for any occasion can be a minefield. With so many wonderful, shapes, sizes, styles and trends it's a wonder that any of us manage to find the right one. But how many of us consider that hat shapes suit face shapes? All we know when we try on a hat, a bit like when we have to shop for glasses, be it sunglasses or reading glasses, is that its either "Ugh that doesn't suit me" or "Oh I love that!".

Whether you are looking for a hat for Ascot, Cheltenham, or any of the other race meetings, or if you are looking for that perfect wedding hat, take some time to think about what it is you are looking for and what will really enhance your features.

For many years, before I found my love of all things hats, every hat that I tried on looked ridiculous. I used to feel so envious of other women who could sport the warm woolen beanie or the large brimmed straw hat. I had absolutely no idea that this 'problem' would become 'not a problem' if I was to choose the right type of hat for my face. Well now I do.

This useful tool has not only meant I can now gaily wear hats until my heart is content but it is also the key tool I use when designing hats for private commissions. So, how do you choose the right hat for your face?

The Guide to Hats, Faces & Shapes

A floppy brim & wide crown is ideal for the square face

The Square Shaped The square face really lends itself to floppy style hats that have prominent crowns and irregular brims. Hats with fewer edges will elongate and soften the face.

The Round With the round face shape asymmetrical shapes and short brims are the most flattering. It is advisable to steer clear of round crowns (such as a bowler hat) as these can emphasise the roundness of the face. A more flattering style of hat will be one with angles such as a high brim and straight brim. These hats look great placed at an angle

The Oval & Heart The oval face shape is most versatile of all faces and really allows you to pick a hat that suits your mood, the possibilities are endless. If you go for a wide brimmed hat, however, ensure that the brim is no wider than your shoulders.

The Long

A long or oblong face can be balanced with extra width. Wearing a short crown and a wide brimmed hat that sit low across the forehead will flatter the face.

Don't forget the glasses!

Whatever hat takes your fancy, it is always a good idea to remember to consider whether you will be having to wear glasses. Whether you need to pop on your readers or if you will be donning sunglasses, when choosing your hat spare these little accessories a thought. No one wants to find that their glasses don't fit under that fabulous headpiece that sits across one eye!

Whatever face shape you have, whatever hat you have worn, do wear, or want to wear, remember, it is how you feel in that hat that matters!

"The wearing of a hat with confidence is the only way to make a hat suit you!"

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