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Nature- The Inimitable

The world's natural beauty is something to behold, from the flowers and trees, to the wind and the rain, there are so many different elements and natural wonders to pull inspiration from. Being a designer that lives on the coast it was organic inspiration for milliner & designer, Rachael Clunie, to design and create what we believe to be the first and only couture designed headwear made with the wonders of the seas.

With our oceans and marine life suffering tremendously due to human destruction the idea behind this collection was to highlight the beauty that sits beneath and the importance of as guardians of this world, collectively, we are each responsible for the changes that must be made.

The creation of the new collection

Rachael spent time trawling her local beaches over a period of several weeks to collect the finest pieces to work with. From sea kelp to mermaids purses, she gathered as many different types she could find, with growing inspiration and excitement of the endless design possibilities as she studied the shapes and forms from the oceans Eden.

And so became the......

'Collection de la Mer'

A unique collection that embodies natures own outstanding beauty.

March Of The Mermaids

Every year in Brighton the glittery, spectacle 'March Of The Mermaids' takes place. Working towards towards highlighting the marine issues, activists take to Brighton's promenade to the tune of drums and whistles sending out the loud and clear and dreadfully important message to 'Save Our Seas'. The event is an ideal time to dress up in the most wonderful costumes and headpieces as Mermen and Maids, sea mammals, sailors, pirates, crustaceans and all forms of sealife.

Photography: Susan Grace Hinman

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